Sunday, July 21, 2013

Templar Infantry complete

I completed the remaining infantry figures from the Fireforge Games Templar infantry box this weekend. They consist of 6 armed with hand weapons, 7 armed with spears, 1 armed with a two-handed ax, a standard bearer, and a captain.  Like the crossbowmen, I mixed in Gripping Beast viking bits for some fantasy flavor.

 This is an army shot of the completed box.  I'm going to try to get a better picture, but my homemade light box is only so large!
I played a LotR SBG with my son last night.  No battle report since it's the first game either one of us have played in a long while.  He used his Dark Elves (using Elf stats) and a couple of bloodletters (Uruk-hai berserkers).  I used Minas Tirith rules for my men and added 2 points for the crossbows. The men were victorious and removed the menace from the village.

I need to get a grass mat or a green table cloth at the very least!

Here is a comparison picture with the a Fireforge model next to a couple GW miniatures as requested:


  1. Its a fantasy world, just say that its all red grass or blood grass or some thing. :P
    still would like to see some pics of the fire forge Sargents up next to the GW products.

  2. I love your painting style, very clean

  3. Commissarmoody, I edited the blog and added a comparison picture for you.

    Maxamillian, thanks.

    1. Thanks, It looks like they sink well together.

  4. They look really good . Is the one with the reversed shield colours (the White on blue) the Boss?

  5. Yes, he's the captain and I wanted him to be easily recognized.

  6. Great painting on the infantry!