Thursday, August 4, 2011

Eureka Miniatures 18mm Orc Shaman

An 18mm Orc Shaman from Eureka's fantasy range. I have some vague plans for modifying Warmaster and using 18mm miniatures.

Dark Sword Miniatures Elf

Part of a larger fantasy commission I'm working on right now, much more to come. This will be my last commission, after this I'm going to work on my own projects only.

WWI Brits

A group of WWI Brits from Brigade Games. I think they painted up very nice, just wish my photography skills were better.

Musketeer Caliphates Turkish Ghulams

Ten Turkish Ghulams from the Musketeer Miniatures Armies of the Caliphates range. Fantastic miniatures from Bill and these were a joy to paint. The customer is going to do the weapons and shields (with LBM shield transfers) himself. I wish I had some brown grass, they almost don't look right on the green grass!