Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year

Needless to say my blog has taken a backseat to real life events.  Back in 2013 I went through Accelerated Officer Candidate School for the Arkansas National Guard and this past summer I attended my Basic Officer Leadership school as well as loads of teacher training for my day job.  

Since I returned we have been trying to find a new house so many of my models and paints have been packed up.  My awesome wife bought me a new painting table for Christmas so I've been able to get back to some painting recently.  

No pictures to share at this time, but I'm working on more of the Fireforge Foot  Sergeants. I picked up a box of Gripping Beast Vikings and Warlord Games Celts to make some fantasized Viking Beserkers.

I've had some ideas for a large scale fantasy skirmish game floating around in my head for a while and finally wrote them down.  I hope to get plenty of play testing done over the next few months and then I'll share them with anyone who would like to try them out. 

My hopes for 2015 are to get plenty of painting done - this will include more High Elves which need archers and cavalry and some more Fireforge miniatures - and plenty of play testing of my rules I wrote for me and my kids.