Sunday, August 8, 2010

Otherworld and Red Box Miniatures

These are some Otherworld Goblins I painted for a commission, love the character of these miniatures!

Again, from Otherworld, are some firebeetles. The antenna were a bit of a paint to glue on! I sure hope they make it okay in the mail when these head across the Pond to England. I never really played D&D so these Rust Monsters were quite a new concept to me. Extremely interesting. Again, miniatures from Otherworld.

Finally, a couple of Red Box Games miniatures for my own collection.

This is Belegast the Bloodthirsty, if you like the miniature you had better get over to the website and buy him quickly. The miniature is going to be retired. I attempted to paint a skull face onto the helmet, but it didn't work out as well as I wanted. I'll be getting more Red Box miniatures for some fantasy skirmish action! Tre is working on his own set of rules for his fantasy world.

This is Einar March Warden Captain. I painted him up quickly, then was stuck on the shield design. I felt the "Norman-style" dragon worked best with the feel of this miniature. Again, I'm not sure I pulled it off too well, but I'm happy with the miniature overall.

If you are curious about the snow on the bases, it is a mixture of baking soda, white glue and white paint. I mixed it to a fairly thick consistancy and the globbed into on the base with an old brush and smoothed it out.

VBCW update

This is a Lancia Armored Truck from Musketeer Miniatures. Excellent miniature and, despite not having instructios, went together fairly quickly. I painted it with Vallejo Model Color Russian Uniform, washed it with black, went back over it with Russian Uniform, and then added highlights and dirt/dust.

A large group of Artizan Partisans, again going to see action in VBCW gaming. Love the character of these models.