Monday, January 22, 2018

Dogs of War Update

I completed more Voland’s Venators this weekend for the Dogs of War army.  I won in an eBay auction from a guy in Australia.  They came with these old edition Chaos Knight horses which led me to paint the shields differently.  Originally I was going to paint them all the same and use just the red lettering on the general to make him stand out.  I felt that these called for a more sinister look and decided on the black and red shields. In addition to those knights, I also finished on with white shields to bring that unit up to 7 figures. 

This group of mercenaries has spent time against the dark lords of Chaos and may have returned tainted. 

I’m very pleased with the look of this army so far.  
I’m back to my Stirland Army currently.  Working on 8 knights and I have some crossbowmen from TAG ordered for the DoW army.  The two forces are shaping up nicely!

So far this year I have completed:
16 handgunners
5 pistoliers 
9 Voland’s Venators 

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