Sunday, January 12, 2014

More Elves

Painting has slowed considerably lately now that school has started back and I'm getting back to the grindstone of grading papers and such.  I've finished the commander that came with the Sea Guard from the Isle of Blood.
Here's a group shot of the Sea Guard:
I bought these Dark Elves for my son with the intention of getting a live-in gaming partner for Warhammer and I painted these up and rebased them for LotR.

The final pictures are of some HE commanders (mounted and on foot) that I found when I was searching for an extra shield 
His shield is blank because I haven't figured out how I want to paint it.  I was going to free-hand the Sea Guard design, but it looked terrible.  So, for now, I'm going to leave it white until I figure it out.
The horse's original tail had snapped off over the years (I've had this model since I painted a HE army for 5th and 6th edition).  I replaced it with the top knot from a Chaos Space Marine and it is the final part I need to paint - besides the shield.

Finally is the dismounted commander, I have no recollection of ever purchasing this miniature and not sure who started the paint job.  His sword arm and shield arm were both missing.  I replaced the shield arm with a plastic spearman arm and attached a blank shield.
The sword is from the Tyrion model.  I was missing so many parts to Tyrion that he was relegated to the bones pile and gave up his sword.  It's a massive sword, thankfully it's magical, otherwise it might be too large to actually swing with any speed or force.

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