Monday, December 19, 2011

Red Box Games

An update including some Redbox Games miniatures that I finished a while ago. I don't have any gaming system in particular in mind for these, just been painting them for fun really. Probably need to try Ganesha Games' Song of Blade and Heroes one of these days.

First picture is an action shot of Beleghast unleashing his war band (include Kagunk from Reaper Miniatures) against Einar and Eofrweg.
Close up of Eofrweg of the Red Gate.
Beleghast's war band close up.
The recent miniatures for the war band. HelsVakt Hordesmen Pack A (which is no longer available), Conradt the Crazed, and Sverreulf the Red-Handed (a Halfblood) serving as a mercenary.

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