Friday, March 18, 2011

Kagunk, Ogre Chieftan

This Kagunk, Ogre Chieftan (3164) from Reaper Miniatures. I've had it sitting on my desk for a while and finally finished him up. I've pretty happy with the miniature. He's mounted on a 50mm base. Why a round base? I'm looking at more skirmish rules for my fantasy gaming and I'm a fan of LotR rules to start with and I hear A Song of Blade and Heroes in another good system.

An action shot of Kagunk vs. Einar March Warden Captain from Red Box Games. As you can tell, Kagunk is a very large model!


  1. Impressive looking miniature and very nicely painted.


  2. Awesome paint job! I am just switching over to round 30mm laser cut MDF bases myself and am loving them.
    I would love it if you gave Skulldred skirmish a go and took some pictures with your figures!