Wednesday, July 21, 2010


These are all the figures I finished recently for a Very British Civil War commission (VBCW). They are a mixture of Dixon, Brigade Games, and Artizan Design miniatures.

These are from Dixon Miniatures, the first figures I've painted from this company. They are very nice and I really enjoyed the ones on the bicycles.

These are Gangster Molls from Brigade Games. They are excellent miniatures too, and I recommend them to anyone looking to add some females to their VBCW gaming.

These are from Empress Miniatures' Spanish Civil War line and represent the Parish of St. Martin. They do nicely to add some color and pomp to the VBCW. I've already painted a batch of 12 that these few go with.
Finally, is a pack of Artizan Design French Partizans. Excellent figures, but the one knelling is missing the hand supporting the sub-machine gun. A casting error I suppose.

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